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Different Ways of Traveling in United Kingdom | Southfields Taxis

Posted May 16, 2015 by admin


There are only a few countries in the world that have enough versatility and attractions as the United Kingdom. There is no wonder that millions of people flock into airlines every year to visit this country and as many people try to establish themselves in the British Isles as well. This means that there has to be very adequate and equipped modes of transportation in the country that could allow the mobility of the locals as well as the huge number of tourists that arrive in the country every year. Here we will discuss the different modes of transportation that are used in the United Kingdom:

By Air:

Air transportation is perhaps that swiftest mode of transportation that one can find in the United Kingdom. Every city of the country has at least one airport which is very well capable of landing local flights. There is a total of 471 airports and landing strips in the country, including Heathrow Airport, which is the world’s largest, in terms of traffic volume, as well as busiest airport. Gatwick Airport and Manchester Airport are also close second and third, respectively in the United Kingdom. The largest airline in the country is British Airways, which has flights to every corner of the country.

By Rail:

The UK is home to the World’s oldest and perhaps the most effective railways system there is. It has approximately 16,500 km of railway tracks in the country which is being used for high speed electrical transportation as well, which has reduced the distances across various cities in the United Kingdom to a matter of minutes.

By Road:

Road is still the most widely used transportation in the United Kingdom. People travel with the help of buses, personally owned vehicles or taxis to reach their destinations not only across different cities, but within them as well. The country has a staggering 400,000 km of roads distributed across the United Kingdom. Buses are also commonly used by various people living in cities, which arrive at their destination on the exact time. However, one drawback is that these buses are available at timed intervals. Personal cars give you a huge advantage, but fuel costs still force people to avoid such expenses. Taxi services, such as Southfields Taxis are often widely used in cities. They are readily available and can be hired as well for personal uses. This gives a lot of flexibility to the people in a considerable cost that can be affordable.

It can clearly be seen that one is never short of options whenever travelling in the United Kingdom, as it allows them the flexibility over charges that they are willing to pay and the time that they have in order to reach their destination. This makes transportation facilities in the United Kingdom as very adequate, but with still room for improvement as there always is. This still doesn’t change the fact that all the corners of the country are closely linked and distances have definitely been shortened in amounts of time!

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